Simulation Pre-course: Simulation Centre Design and Operations Course

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Saturday 7 September: 08:30 - 17:00
Sunday 8 September: 08:30 - 12:00

Price: € 300

Course Directors

  • Director: Pr Guillaume Alinier (Qatar/UK)
  • Co-directors: Pr Denis Oriot (France), Pr Kent Denmark (USA)

Faculty / Facilitators

  • Pr Guillaume Alinier (Qatar/UK)
  • Dr Karim Benmiloud (Switzerland)
  • Pr Kent Denmark (USA)
  • Dr Ismael Hssain (France)
  • Dr François Lecomte (France)
  • Pr Denis Oriot (France)
  • Dr Luis Sanchez (Spain)
  • Dr Antonio Iglesias Vazquez (Spain)


20 trainees.

Course description

The global objectives of these workshops which will run concurrently for 2 different groups of participants are to provide a sound overview to participants of two key simulation domains, namely how to develop a simulation centre and/or simulation programme, and the fundamentals of becoming a scenario-based simulation facilitator/educator. Although both of these workshops have different themes they will be highly relevant to the daily practice of Emergency Medicine, irrespective of the level of simulation expertise the participants have.

Learning objectives

  • 1. To analyse the key stages of designing a simulation centre or preparing a clinical area for in-situ simulation training.
  • 2. To explore solutions commonly adopted in simulation centres worldwide in terms of layout, configuration, storage, technology.
  • 3. To discuss operational aspects of a clinical simulation centre from an equipment point of view.
  • 4. To look at the operational aspects of a clinical simulation centre with regards to staffing and skills mix requirements.
  • 5. To analyse funding and financing of a clinical simulation programme or facility.



08:30 Registration & Coffee

Welcome and Introduction

Objectives: Introduction of participants (instructors and trainees) and motivations for attending this workshop.

Pr G. Alinier & Pr K. Denmark

What differentiates a simulation centre from a clinical skills training facility?

Objectives: Discussion around clinical skills and simulation training facilities, and simulation programmes.

Pr K. Denmark
10:30 Coffee break  

Why and how do we build a simulation centre?

Objectives: Discussion of physical and technological functional requirements and solutions.

Dr F. Lecomte

Exercise: Given your current circumstances and being realistic, draw the clinical simulation centre you would like to create, the solutions adopted, and its total estimated cost.

Objectives: Put in practice aspects of simulation centre design which have been discussed so far.

Dr JAI. Vazquez
12:00 Lunch break  

Review of proposed designs and innovative solutions.

Objectives: Discussion so participants can receive feedback. 

Dr L Sanchez 

In-situ simulation: Pros and cons of point of care context.

Objectives: Discussion of opportunities afforded by this approach, in the ultimate context from one aspect and not so convenient environment from another perspective.

Dr I. Hssain
14:15 Coffee break  

Virtual tour of existing simulation facilities.

Objectives: Allow participants to view the floor plan and pictures of other simulation centres and discuss function and educational aspects.

Pr G. Alinier & Pr K. Denmark

Operationalising a simulation facility from an equipment perspective.

Objectives: Discussion on the importance of the choice of equipment on the operation of a simulation giving consideration to their ease of use, compatibility, requirements, and likely maintenance schedules 

Dr K. Benmiloud
16:45 Q&A and discussion  
17:00 End of Day 1  


Working with architects and building contractors to design and build a simulation centre.

Objectives: Discussion relating to establishing a positive working relationship with external partners for a successful outcome.

Pr G. Alinier

The simulation centre team: The winning ingredients.

Objectives: Gaining an understanding of what constitutes a successful team.   

Pr K. Denmark 

Coffee break


The role and usefulness of simulation centre management software and audio-visual systems.

Objectives: Discussion of the functionalities and pros and cons of investing in a simulation centre management software and AV systems.

Dr JAI. Vazquez, & Pr G. Alinier 
11:30 Final Q&A and discussion All
11:50 Workshop evaluation
12:00 End of the pre-course  

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