Falck Foundation - Pre Hospital Research

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Sunday 8 September: 08:00 - 12:30

Price: € 100

Course Directors

  • Rune Andersen, Denmark


  • Olivier Hoogmartens, Belgium
  • V. Anantharaman, Singapore
  • Maaret Castrén, Sweden
  • Joost Bierens, The Netherlands


100 participants maximum.
The course shall be cancelled if less than 8 participants are registered.

Course description

The pre-conference seminar on prehospital research aims at gathering around the table practitioners seeking to improve pre-hospital emergency health care through Scientific Research.

This seminar will allow clinicians to discuss current literature, its purpose being the critical evaluation of scientific articles that impact upon the practice of pre-hospital emergency care. The aim is to critically appraise selected articles and studies and discuss the relevance and usefulness of the research findings to clinical practice, including answering the question: "Based on the results of scientific studies, should we change our practice?"

Learning objectives

  • How to keep in touch with new publications and Clinical Practice Guidelines;
  • Learn to critique and appraise pre-hospital research;
  • Learn to create a sound prehospital research proposal;
  • Encourage research utilization in prehospital care


   Pre‐conference seminar on pre‐hospital Research
08:30 Welcome and short introduction on the Falck
Foundation and the prehospital research seminar
Rune Andersen, Denmark
08:40 Hands on approach to pre‐hospital research. Study Design and Methodology Olivier Hoogmartens, Belgium
09:30 Ethics in Prehospital Research V. Anantharaman, Singapore
10:15 Break
10:30 Why is Prehospital Research so Difficult? Maaret Castrén, Sweden
11:15 Rookie Mistakes and Pitfalls in prehospital Research Joost Bierens, The Netherlands
11:45 Prehospital Research Proposal V. Anantharaman, Singapore
12:15 Questions to Faculty Panel All

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