Submission Guidelines

The Abstract Submission Deadline is 30 April 2013.
Abstract Submission is now closed.

The reviewing is under process and results should be announced within the end of June 2013.


  • Abstracts which have already been presented at another meeting are not allowed to be submitted to MEMC VII.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • All submitters of accepted abstracts must register to the congress to be included in the final programme.
  • Case presentations must be submitted under the "Case Presentation" category.


1. Preparing your abstract

Step 1: Prepare all the information about your abstract

Your abstract must contain:
  • A title in English
  • A list of authors with their affiliations. Please identify the first author and the speaker
  • A topic
  • A list of 3 key words
  • The main text of the abstract, in English

Step 2: Select a topic and a type of communication

Please select the topic of your abstract, it will be helpful to the Scientific Committee. You may also choose the kind of communication you want to be considered for: an oral presentation, a poster presentation or either oral or poster presentations.


Step 3: Title

  • The title must be in lowercase with a capital at the beginning
  • Do not use small capitals or capitals in the title
  • Do not use asterisks or notes
  • Your title must be on a single line.


Step 4: Authors

You must create the list of your authors before submitting your abstracts.
Once created, you may select the authors for each abstract, change their order (initially the authors are in an alphabetical order), and select the speaker as well as the first author.

Step 5: Text

  • Do not insert any image or table in the abstract you submit online
  • Your abstract must not exceed 4 500 characters, including spaces
  • You should prepare the whole content of your abstract in an editor (Word, TextEdit, ...). You can use all classic fonts because the text will automatically be formated when submitted. Some problems may appear due to incompatibility between Mac and PC. We strongly recommend that you do not use any Greek letters but their plain counterparts: "Delta" instead of "Δ ", etc... (alpha, beta, gamma, micro, ...).


Step 6: Validation and submission

Initially, the abstracts are registered under a "Non Submitted" status. You can then take your time before submitting it. Only abstracts with a "Submitted" status will be forwarded to the Scientific Committee. After clicking "Submit", you will receive a confirmation of your submission by email.

2. Submitting your abstract

The Abstract Submission Deadline was 30 April 2013. The Abstract Submission is closed.

Before you can submit your abstract (and go back to edit it), you had to create an account.

Once you have filled in the necessary information and submitted the account registration form you will receive an email confirming the creation of your account.

After you have created your account, simply go to ‘Log into your account’ in the menu to access your abstract.

Please note: Your abstract will only be forwarded to the Scientific Committee for reviewing once you have submitted it. Initially your abstract will be in ‘Non submitted’ status. To submit it, be sure to click on the green arrow next to your abstract’s title.

If you have any question regarding the abstract submission process, please send us an email (click here).

[Last update: Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013]



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